About Markitts Cattery

 MarKitts cattery was established in 2019. I had begun searching for an American Shorthair(ASH) kitten about a year after my 17 year old American Shorthair girl Bebe (CH Rumscotts Little Miss Brown) died in 2018.

I quickly discovered that on the eastern coast of Canada that there were no longer any breeders of the American Shorthair cats. Having to extend my search throughout Canada and the USA eventually, was introduced to a cattery in Florida through a friend and was able to obtain a beautiful Brown patched tabby girl(pictured on the left).

I had obtained  GAHlee's Martina Mc-Bride of Markitts (home name is Maisy) at age 8 months. She quickly proved that she was indeed a very special kitten and achieved the highest title in the Canadian Cat Association (CCA) of Supreme Master Grand Champion within 5 months.

She further attained in the show year 2019 - 2020 (limited showing for seven  months only) the following titles CCA - National Winner as #4 All Breed, # 1 Best American Shorthair, and International Grand Champion.  She also attained # 1 Regional All Breed, and # 1  Best American Shorthair CCA.

Her Title now shows as follows:   International Grand Champion, Supreme Master Grand Champion, GAHlee's Martina Mc-Bride of Markitts CNW RW

In the American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA) she placed Inter American (IA) (Same as a National) #28 All Breed she is Titled -  Grand Champion GAHlee's Martina Mc-Bride of Markitts  IAW

After having such a difficult time finding an ASH nearby I decided to begin a breeding program which would allow for more local opportunities to obtain one of these beautiful cats. The Cattery name MarKitts was derived from the words "Maritime Kittens" as an abbreviation of sorts. It is our hope to help re-integrate the ASH's into the Maritime region of Canada and beyond.

MarKitts has added new ASH cats and kittens to the household. It allows for our breeding program to produce ASH's various colors and patterns and increases the gene pool through outcrossing.

 Watch our upcoming litter pages for information on our breeding cats and expected delivery dates