American Shorthair


These are American Shorthair kittens which are less than 12 months old and  are available for sale.
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Bonded Pair

Asha and Axel

Asha and Axel were born on May 15 2020.  There parents were IG SMGC Martina Mc_Bride of GAHLEE NW RW(aka Maisy) and Dovon George of GAHLEE. They are blue classic tabbies registered with ACFA. 

This brother and sister pair are highly affectionate and seek attention from their human family.  They are a bonded pair as they have had a close relationship whereas where you see one you almost always see the other. they cuddle together for cat naps and would not do well separated from each other. 

These two must go together and knowing this their price reflects this into consideration.  I am asking $800 for the pair.  Axel could be shown in the Altered class at cat shows if this is something you are interested in

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Sky, a silver ticked tabby American Shorthair,  was born 9 Sept 2017 and came to live with me in Jul 2020.  Sky started her first three years as a caged cat in a large cattery.  When I brought her home it was apparent that Sky was not used to attention and shunned personal touch buy curling into a tight ball.  You could visibly see every muscle in her body tighten upon contact with my hand.  

Sky, over time, relaxed somewhat to the point she will now allow me to pet her and loves scratches under her chin and will reach out for my hand.  Sky does not yet like being picked up for cuddles.  She will sit beside you once she trusts you and will accept offered affection .

Sky needs a good loving home with no children but having patient, understanding, adult cat owners. She does not mind other cats or dogs once she is properly introduced to them. 

She is a beautiful girl who really needs and deserves a loving  furever home.  She is current with Vaccines and has been spayed.  I am asking only a minimal fee for her purchase of $250.  If you wish to have this lovely lady please reach out to me. 

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Jasper is a black smoke American Shorthair male. A black smoke has fur that looks black until you push it aside and the bottom half of the hairs are silver.  Jasper  is a very loving boy and enjoys cuddles.  He is also a clean male, meaning he has never sprayed to mark territory. Jasper is neutered and up to date with vaccines.

Jasper was to be in my breeding program however in Jan 2021 he suddenly was afflicted with a head tilt and balance issues. After a battery of tests, blood work, ultrasound, and xrays, to determine what was wrong there was nothing turning up.  He did not have any redness in his ear from infection nor was his ear drum bowed which is often seem in inner ear infection. The ultrasound and x-rays  showed nothing, there were no indications of infection or tumor.

After the  ear infection and tumor had been ruled out and the root cause of his ailment could not be determined, he was treated with antibiotics and steroids with little improvement.

Today he has almost normal balance and only a very little head tilt.  My  vet has said Jasper may return to normal at some point or this may be as good s he will get.  It still may take some time to resolve or it may never fully 100% correct itself. It is not expected to get worse. The problem causes him to be a little wobbly on occasion, usually when  he is trying to focus hard on distances and sometime it affects his balance. That being said,  Jasper can still jump up and down off of anything at the level of furniture so he is fully capable to live a good long life.

He would do best in a single cat home with someone can accept  his awkwardness. Jasper  has been socialized with other cats and dogs. 

If you can find it in your heart to give this beautiful young male a place in your life he is available to you at the very minimal cost of $250,.  Jasper really does deserve a good loving home that can look past his lack of elegance in motion and see his big loving heart.

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